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February 2018

International partnerships have created Portuguese companies already worth hundreds of millions of euros

CMU Portugal Program renewed until 2030 at the “GoPortugal: Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal” Conference in Porto

January 2018

FEP Jorge Coelho is published twice on Polymer Chemistry journal

December 2017

Portuguese Startups Present the Results of their Immersion Period in the Early Business Accelerator of the CMU Portugal Program

Stretchtronics Files a Patent for “e-tattoo”: The Health Tracker of the Future

October 2017

CMU and U. Porto Team Wins the 2017 ICDM Best Paper Award

Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education visits Carnegie Mellon to Prepare the New Phase of the CMU Portugal Program

September 2017

All in Surf Wins Third Place at Space Moves ESA Competition

Portuguese Entrepreneurs Develop their Business Models in the United States

André Martins Receives the 2017 ERC Starting Grant worth 1,4 million euros

 July 2017

Carnegie Mellon University President meets with Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education and the President of FCT

Carnegie Mellon mentors confirmed for CMU Portugal’s inRes 2017 Workshops

The CMU Portugal Symposium 2017 Reached its Goals

June 2017

Symposium 2017 - Submission of Posters and Demos Available

CMU Portugal Organizes Symposium on the Digital World

March 2017

CMU Portugal inRes Mentor Sells Startup Nowait for 40 Million Dollar

December 2016

ECE Ph.D. Student João Semedo selected to receive Bertucci Graduate Fellowship

November 2016

2nd Patient Innovation Awards at Web Summit

Veniam Signs Agreement with StarHub to Connect Vehicles in Singapore

Facebook Acquires CMU spin-off FacioMetrics 


October 2016

Feedzai Awards Best Technology Graduate Students

Citi Ventures Invests Strategically in Feedzai

Playsketch Plans to Launch App in 2017

Porto Receives Carnegie Mellon Specialist on Dynamic Networks and Its Applications on Counter-Terrorism 

Carnegie Mellon Specialist on Sensor Systems Used on Pills Authentication Gives a Talk in Porto   

September 2016

ERIs Researchers Gathered for Workshop in Lisbon

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Sends Four Entrepreneurial Teams to United States

Veniam Launches Its Mesh Network of Connected Vehicles in Singapore

 E4Value Project Members visit CMU 

 Policy needed for additive manufacturing article -published in Nature Materials

 July 2016 

 Success Stories - Veniam

 Empowering Portuguese Entrepreneurs – inRes 2016 Has Already Started!

 Patient Innovation Is Be the Only Portuguese Project Taking Part of ‘Beyond the Lab’

June 2016

 Veniam wins the TU-Automotive Award for Best Auto Mobility Product/Service in 2016

 Veniam named one of the most innovative companies in America by‪ ‎CNBC‬ at #28

 CMU Portugal Team on Tour to Present inRes to Entrepreneurs

 Research Progress on Human-Robot Interaction to Help Children with Impaired Development

 CMU Portugal Principal Investigator Receives Highest Faculty Distinction at Carnegie Mellon

 CMU Portugal inRes Startup Receives Hovione Capital Investment

May 2016

CMU Portugal Alumnus Distinguished with Azorean Assembly Congratulatory Letter

CMU Portugal inRes Startup Playsketch Wins Exame Informática Honorable Mention

April 2016

CMU Portugal inRes Startup Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide

inRes 2016 Edition Applications are Open

March 2016

High-Quality Scientific Work Close to Local Industry Brings Excellent Results 

CMU Portugal Principal Investigator Named Head of Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University 

CMU Portugal Program PI Susana Sargento is the European Union 2016 Woman Innovator  

January 2016

Vital Responder might be a Spin-off - an Idea presented at VR2Market Symposium 

Playsketch: The True Value of Immersing a Creative Project in Pittsburgh 

Adapttech | Reaching the American Market: The Pathway in Finding the Right Prosthetic Match 

Xhockware Starts Pilot Projects in Texas and California  

Addvolt Present at Mechanics Expo in Portugal 

Patient Innovation wins Healthcare 'Startup of the Year' Award and is mentioned by UN Secretary-General 

December 2015

inRes Initiative Celebrates Both Editions and Good Results 

Networking and Creating Bonds to Build 3D Scenes Smartly 

Susana Sargento Competes for the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016 

Coaching and Monitoring Rehabilitation Exercises  

November 2015

Displr at the Web Summit 2015

October 2015

CMU Portugal Program Showcases Research at the ICT 2015  

EBPs - Innovative Research on Activity Trackers Receives International Award 

Luís Brandão Presents Paper at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium

February 2015

1st Edition of Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtables Joins Academia and Companies
Applications Are Open for the 6th Building Global Innovators Edition

January 2015

Faculty Exchange Program: Understanding the Key Drivers to Achieve Excellence 

Faculty Exchange Program: Getting a Holistic View of a Top University 

 December 2014

Veniam Raises $4.9 Million Series A Funding to Accelerate Deployment of Connected Vehicles and Cities 

The Ten Early Bird Projects Awarded 

Portuguese Undergraduates Awarded with a CMU Portugal Scholarship to do Research at CMU 

José M. F. Moura Named Fellow of National Academy of Inventors 

A Valuable, Rewarding and Unforgettable Experience   

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program as a role model 

November 2014

CMU Portugal Organizes Event Targeted to Companies 

CMU Portugal Program Presents 2nd Call in Different Universities 

A First StepTowards Strong and Continuous Cooperation  

Bringing Together Dual Degree Ph.D. Students and Alumni  

Displr: Go-to-Market Strategy Based in the U.S. Market

Followprice: Portuguese Solution Available in Australian Online Store

Xhockware: Learning the Startup Culture and Challenges in the U.S. Market

AddVolt: Strengthening Customer Research in the U.S.

October 2014

inRes Program: An Outstanding Experience for Followprice

Addvolt-WeTruck: A Winning Team Right From The Beginning  in Pittsburgh

Xhockware - youbeep Team Stresses Promising Results Of the First Days of Immersion

CMU: A Fascinating Atmosphere and Entrepreneurship Mentality

2014 inRes: What are Our Portuguese Entrepreneurial Teams Doing in Pittsburgh?  

September 2014

inRes 3rd WS: The Importance of Customer Research 

CMU Portugal Program Strengthens Scientific Team 

Veniam’Works Makes Buses Wi-Fi Hotspots 

M-ITI Appoints New ERAChair in Human-Computer Interaction and Design Innovation  

Portuguese Researchers at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2014 

The Role Of Mathematics in the CMU Portugal Program 

Cristina Carias Reflects on Lessons Learned for Life During Her Ph.D 

Dual Degree Ph.D. Student Qiwei Han Wins Best Paper Award 

Faculty Exchange Program is a Two-way Route for Learning and Teaching   

Faculty Exchange Program Is “First Step Towards Identifying Common Research Interests”  

 August 2014

Dual Degree Ph.D. Student Seeks Sentiments Behind Posts in Social Networks 

Can Patients Be Innovators When Managing Their Own Diseases?  

July 2014

President of FCT Visits Carnegie Mellon University  

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Takes Four Entrepreneurial Teams To The U.S. To Accelerate Their Businesses 

June 2014

Portuguese Professors Receive Highest Faculty Distinction at Carnegie Mellon  

Faculty Exchange Program: An Opportunity to Learn And Foster Collaborations 

CMU Portugal Program Gets Its First Six Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives 

May 2014

CMU Portugal Alumni Awarded for Best ECE Ph.D. Thesis at CMU

Dual-degree Ph.D. Student Recreates Indoor Scenes in 3D Using Photographs

April 2014

CMU Portugal Presents inRes To Entrepreneurs 

Living Carnegie Mellon University Through the Faculty Exchange Program 

Internships Are Key to Establish a Connection with the Labor Market 

CMU Portugal Presents inRes To Entrepreneurs  

CMU Portugal Program Fosters Cooperation Between Portugal and the U.S. in ICT 

Building Ambassadors for Technological Change 

Filipe Condessa Seeks to Transform Medical Image Segmentation Faster And More Efficient 

March 2014

Luís Correia Elected to European Association for Communication Technology 

Making Software Systems Dependable and Capable of Adapting 

February 2014

CMU Portugal Program: A Model for How International Partnerships Can Work  

The Importance Of Communicating Science Through The Media: Getting Your Work Out There 

Maxine Eskenazi, researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute: “The Best About the Dual Degree Program Is Supervising People Who Can Do Great Things”  

CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D. Student Awarded Fellowship at CMU  

Fernando de La Torre: “As Educators We Teach Dual Degree Students What Top Research is About” 

January 2014

Rui Aguiar Elected to the Steering Board of European Technology Platforms  

December 2013

Madeira-ITI Wins European Grant of €2.35 Million to Boost Research 

CMU Portugal Program Startup Sentilant Takes Its First Steps 

Luis Brandão Presents Paper at Asiacrypt 2013

November 2013

What If You Coud See Through Cars? 

Challenges of Inter-Institutional Agreements on Technology Transfer 

Orientation Day in Portugal Strengthens Collaborative Network  

October 2013

Session to Inspire CMU Portugal Prospective Students at IST 

Converting Technology Innovation Into Successful Businesses 

CMU Portugal Program at the European Researchers’ Night 

Alum Cristobal Cheyre Stresses Importance of Entrepreneurs and Ideas for Clusters 

Alumna Inês Oliveira Highlights Skills Acquired Beyond Technology  

September 2013

Doctoral Student Investigates User-Innovation by Patients 

August 2013

CMU Portugal Organizes Sessions on the Call for Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives 

July 2013

CMU Portugal Alumni Network Meets in Lisbon 

Faculty Exchange Program has Empowered 43 Researchers Since its Inception 

Researchers Found Benefits of Building Renewables in Cloudy States 

International Cooperation Instrumental in Advancing Portuguese Research in ICT 

Monograph Offers New Model to Enhance Use of Clean Resources 

CMU Portugal Researchers Present Their Work at LARSyS 2013 

CMU Portugal Alumni Network Meets in Lisbon 

M-ITI Researchers Receive Best Paper Award at the EICS’ 2013 

Ph.D. Student’s Paper Receives Best Paper Award at the SEAMS 2013 

Workshop Addresses the Gap Between Research and Commercialization 

June 2013

New Network Management Software will improve the Quality of IPTV Service 

Steven Klepper: A Life Dedicated to Research and Teaching 

Ph.D. Student Chooses Portugal to Study Renewable Energy Policies 

May 2013

Portuguese Team wins International Competition for Android Application Developers 

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Symposium Kicks Off Phase II 

Ph.D. Student Investigates New Techniques to Improve Speech Recognition 

Ph.D. Student Awarded Scholarship for the Summer Academy on Sustainable Energy Finance 

Sabina Zejnilovic, Dual Degree Ph.D. Student: “I would like to make a positive impact in our everyday life" 

DRIVE-IN is on the Road Connecting Vehicles and Improving Safety 

April 2013

Researchers Develop Energy Efficiency System for Datacenters 

CMU Portugal Alumnus Receives Best Young Teacher Award from Oulu University 

New Facilities of M-ITI Reflect the Commitment to the CMU Portugal Program’s Mission 

March 2013

Gopala Anumanchipalli Receives IEEE Spoken Language Processing Student Grant 

Byron Yu Visits Portugal to Strengthen Research Collaboration on Neuroscience 

Sven Stork Ph.D. Thesis Defense in Software Engineering 

Veniam ’Works Wins International Entrepreneurship Competition 

The Faculty Exchange Program “Was a Very Fruitful and Successful Experience” 

February 2013

Mobility Initiatives Empower Academic Community 

Feedzai Achieves Profitability with Application Focus 

Mambu Startup Obtains Funds to Expand its Microfinance Service 

José Moura Was Elected to the National Academy of Engineering 

Frank Pfenning Appointed Head of Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department 

January 2013

James Garrett is the New Dean of the College of Engineering 

November, 2012

Academia Up With Industry Improves Intelligent Surveillance Systems 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Key Economic Drivers 

October, 2012

Universidade do Porto Start’s a New Partnership with Carnegie Mellon 

August, 2012

From Portuguese to English and Vice-Versa: An Innovative Speech Translation System 

"These Robots are not Science Fiction," Explained Manuela Veloso 

Internships in the Summer Holidays: Why Not? 

July, 2012

António Casimiro Says: “To Ensure a Trustworthy Network Operation will be Crucial for Telecom Operators” 

Employees as User Innovators 

June, 2012

IBM Scientific Award 2011 Distinguishes Doctorate of the CMU Portugal 

“Today it is Fundamental to Experience Mobility and to Work in Network”, said José Machado da Silva 

National Director Successfully Completes the "Agregação" 

Sérgio Pequito Receives ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at CMU 

May, 2012

André Martins Gets a Ph.D. and is Hired by Priberam 

March, 2012

Francisco Veloso Featured in Portuguese Newspaper 

Ed Schlesinger Interviewed by Portuguese Magazine 

January, 2012

Fernando Machado Wins 2010 AMA Best Paper Award 

External Review Committee said: “We are impressed especially by the way the program has secured strong engagement from industry in Portugal.” 

December, 2011

Internship: “A Win-Win Process to the University, to the Company, and to the Student” 

Irene Fonseca Elected the President of the SIAM 

Master Student wins Best Poster and Demo Awards at Videojogos 2011 Conference 

November, 2011

Carla Costa’s Paper Receives an Honorable Mention for Best Paper at the 2011 SMS Conference 

Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center donates Kids Interactive Creation Kiosk to Madeira  

Master Student wins Best Poster and Demo Awards at Videojogos 2011 Conference  

October, 2011

Susana Sargento said: “Knowledge Applied in Strategic Areas Can Help Companies to Go Further” 

Third Annual Carnegie Mellon Portugal Conference: Strong Engagement between Universities, Companies and End Users 

Manuel Beja, Novabase, said: “We are helping to Change the Academia in Portugal” 

September, 2011

Ph.D. Student Develops a Math Model to Describe the Free Trials in IPTV Network 

August, 2011

Pedro Oliveira's Paper Receives 2nd Best Paper Award Innovation Management 2011 

July, 2011

"I want to give eyes to the CoBot Robot" 

Cloud Computing and the Malicious Insider 

June, 2011

Doctoral Students Do Research in Different Engineering and Public Policy Problems 

May, 2011

How Should We Value the University Assets? 

Portuguese CEO Gave a Lecture at the Carnegie Mellon Engineering Leadership Speaker Series 

April, 2011

The Information Shared Online can be Easily Reproduced 

March, 2011

The Partnership Brings Researchers Closer to Industry 

Paper Introduces New Type-Based Access Control in Data-Centric Systems  

February, 2011

European Newsletter Published Article about the DRIVE-IN Project 

January, 2011

First Start-up Launched Within the Partnership 

December, 2010

Workshop in December 2010: Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research in Debate 

Manuela Veloso Named IEEE Fellow 

November, 2010

Isabel Trancoso Named IEEE Fellow 

João Barros Chosen for IEEE ComSoc Young Researcher Award 

October, 2010

New Paper Reveals the Importance of Vehicles as Obstacles in Vehicular Networks 

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program External Review Committee Report 2010 

September, 2010

FCT Funds 12 New Carnegie Mellon Portugal Research Projects 

Five Taxi Cabs Test Prototype from the DRIVE-IN Project 

June, 2010

Logica Launches Service Design Lab on Madeira Island 

May, 2010

Ferreira and Agyapong Examine Spillover Effects from Wiring Schools with Broadband 

INTERFACES Project Responds to Security Concerns 

Applications for Madeira ITI Awards 

Partnership Builds Critical Mass in ICT 

April, 2010

XI Annual PAPS Forum Creates Networking Opportunity for Post-Graduate Students 

Novabase Academy Sends Its Best 

Portuguese Firemen Begin to Test New Vital Jackets™ on the Field 

March, 2010

Portuguese Universities and ICT Companies Work Closer Together 

1stWorkshop on the Economics of ICTs Overview 

February, 2010

Previous Carnegie Mellon|Portugal MHCI Sponsors and Projects 

January, 2010

Academy on Security and Dependability 

December, 2009

Paulo Veríssimo Named ACM Fellow 2009 

Visiting ISQ Representatives Assess Developing Technologies 

November, 2009

Three years of hard work and progress: Research, Technology, and Graduate Education 

October, 2009

Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Program and Portugal Telecom Organize First Annual Forum on Cyber Security 

September, 2009

Jonathan Aldrich says: “I am working on a project which has the potential to revolutionize software development.” 

New Interactive Techologies Institute Kicks off in Madeira 

April, 2009

Faculty wins award for best papers in operations management 

February, 2009

Disadvantaged areas and science education forward in the new communications networks 

Bet on innovation and new technologies 

January, 2009

Training in international technology transfer 

Final Project of UMA students includes next version of “MEO” 

Innovation for the quality: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto stablished a partnership with Software Engineering Institute (SEI) from Carnegie Mellon University 

Last update: October 2015