Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Industry Involvement

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program keeps a very close relationship with the Portuguese industry. Partners companies typically join the industrial affiliates program by which they become members of the program’s innovation networks, training their personnel in the various dual degree programs and collaborating in research projects that are targeted towards their strategic needs.


The main benefits, which are open to small and medium enterprises as well, can be summarized as follows:
     - Close collaboration with internationally reputed scientists and engineers;
     - Specialized training of advanced human resources;
     - International partnership with increased visibility;

     - Best practices in technological innovation;
     - Access to a global network of industrial and academic contacts.


 Organizations involved on the ERIs (2013) and EBPs (2014)

Centro Hospitalar Gaia 
Embraer Portugal  biosignal  ceiia 
 Future cities   Garcia da orta   id mind   innosabi 
 ipo porto   Microsoft   novartis   petratex 


 silicongate   unbabel   macau 


 ydreams-robotics   yinzcam   geolink 




Main Partners since the Program's Inception

PT_log  nokia_siemens_logo  logo  novabase 

Portugal Telecom is Portugal’s leading telecommunications service provider. Noted for its forward thinking and commitment to connecting the globe, PT strives to maintain its leadership in all business areas of the domestic market, as well as capturing new business growth opportunities. In keeping with these goals, the company has taken a global stance in its business strategies, providing service in Morocco, Guinea Bissou, Cape Verde, Timor, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, China, São Tomé, Principe, Namibia, Portugal, and Brazil, providing its employees with a variety of international career opportunities. PT is represented in all aspects of telecommunications, including fixed, mobile voice, data services, and broadband internet connections. In addition to being cited as the company with the single highest transactions in Euronext Lisbon, PT is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange. more 

Nokia Siemens Networks, a multinational company operating in Portugal, is one of the world’s largest network communication companies. At the heart of the company is a commitment to its clients and their needs, which translates into innovative technology as well as business models and corporate responsibility. With over 60,000 employees in 150 countries, Nokia Siemens Networks prides itself on its ability to evolve and meet the needs of its customers with innovation. The company is pioneering a simplified network structure to better suit the needs of its clients without sacrificing rapid growth and innovation. The company believes that by 2015, at least 70% of the world will be connected, primarily through broadband. The company strives to foster a community of achievement, learning, and creativity for its employees, offering local and international job opportunities and internal mobility.

Novabase, since its founding in 1989, has become a leading provider of information technology services in Portugal. With its headquarters in the nation’s capital city of Lisbon, the company employs over 900 skilled workers in Portugal as well as in Brazil. In recent years, Novabase has been noted as one of Europe’s fastest growing IT companies, with an annual growth of 45%. The company has achieved its vision of higher profitability as well as sustainability by targeting the specific needs and functions of each of its sectors--consulting, infrastructures and managed services, digital TV, and capital--creating exciting and varied business opportunities for its employees. Committed to customer satisfaction at the highest level, Novabase continually seeks to fine-tune its organization and ensure dynamic and efficient problem-solving. more 




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