CMU Portugal Program Ph.D. Alumni

In the scope of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, several dual degrees have been awarded by different Portuguese universities and Carnegie Mellon.





 Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering | Ph.D. in Software Engineering  

   Ph.D. in Language Technologies | Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics  

 Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy | Ph.D. in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship  



Ph.D. In Computer Science

/uploadedImages/people/students/Bernardo Toninho.jpg 

Bernardo Parente Toninho [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Luís Caires (FCT/UNL) and Frank Pfenning (CMU)
Research Interests: Type Theory, Constructive Logic, Functional Programming and its Applications to Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Dissertation Title:  A Logical Foundation for Session-based Concurrent Computation  

 /uploadedImages/people/students/Filipe Militao.jpg 


 Filipe David Oliveira Militão

Advisors: Luís Caires (FCT/UNL) and Jonathan Aldrich (CMU)  

Research Interests: Type Systems
Dissertation Title: Rely-Guarantee Protocols for Safe Interference over Shared   

 /uploadedImages/people/students/Flavio Cruz.jpg 


 Flávio Fernandes Cruz


Advisors: Ricardo Lopes da Rocha (FCUP) and Seth Copen Goldstein (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Linear Logic and Coordination for Parallel Programming 

Miguel Araújo [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Ribeiro (FCUP) and Christos Faloutsos (CMU)
Research Interests: mining patterns and anomalies in static or temporal graphs with applications to social network analysis and fraud discovery
Dissertation Title: Communities and Anomaly Detection in Large Edge-Labeled Graphs 
Rui Meireles 


Rui Meireles [Homepage]

Advisors: João Barros (FEUP), Michel Ferreira (FCUP) and Peter Steenkiste (CMU)
Research Interests: Computer Networks 
Dissertation Title: Leveraging Diversity and Spatial Connectivity in Multi-hop Vehicular Networks  


 Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

 /uploadedImages/people/students/Augusto Santos.jpg 

Augusto Santos [LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Xavier (IST/UL) and José M.F. Moura (CMU)
Research Interests: Stochastic Networks, Dynamical Systems and Optimization Theory
Dissertation Title: Bi-virus Epidemics over Large-scale Networks: Emergent Dynamics and Qualitative Analysis
Current Position: (Feb. 2015 - present) Postdoctoral Researcher at CMU


Brian Swenson [LinkedIn]  

Advisors: João Xavier (IST/UL) and Soummya Kar (CMU)
Research Interests: Game-theoretic learning in large-scale systems, distributed signal processing, distributed control, and stochastic approximation
Dissertation Title: Myopic Best-Response Learning in Large-Scale Games 

/uploadedImages/people/students/Picture 25.png 

Can Ye [LinkedIn]

Advisors:  Miguel Coimbra (FCUP) and Vijayakumar Bhagavatula (CMU)
Research Interests: Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
Dissertation Title: Advanced Heartbeat Classification Models for Reliable Electrocardiogram Analysis in Ambulatory Health Monitoring
Current Position:
Architect at Baidu Inc., Beijing City, China, since August 2014  

Dragana Bajovic 

Dragana Bajovic [LinkedIn l Homepage]

Advisors: João Xavier (IST/UL) and Bruno Sinopolli (CMU)
Research Interests: Distributed Detection and Optimization, Dimensionality Reduction and Information Processing in Sensor Networks
Dissertation Title: Large Deviations Rates for Distributed Inference

Current Position: Researcher at the BioSense Center

Dusan Jakovetic_new 

Dusan Jakovetic [Homepage]

Advisors: João Xavier (IST/UL) and José M.F. Moura (CMU)
Research Interests: Distributed Optimization and Information Processing in Sensor Networks
Dissertation Title:
Distributed Optimization: Algorithms and Convergence Rates 
Current Position: Researcher at the BioSense Center

 Filipe Condessa 

Filipe Condessa [LinkedIn]

Advisors: José Dias (IST/UL) and Jelena Kovacevic (CMU)
Research Interests:
Dissertation Title
: Robust Image Classification with Context and Rejection
Current Position:

 Hugo Gonçalves 2010 2011 _ 


Hugo Daniel Gonçalves [Homepage]

Advisors: Miguel Velhote Correia (FEUP) and Xin Li (CMU)
Research Interests: Neurophormic Circuits, Biological Vision and Brain /Visual System Development Theories
 Dissertation Title
: Accelerated Sparse Codingwith Overcomplete Dictionaries for Image Processing Applications
Current Position: Analog Design Engineer at Synopsys Inc.

João Mota 

João Mota [Homepage]

Advisors: João Xavier (IST/UL), Pedro Aguiar (IST/UL) and Markus Püschel (CMU)
Research Interests: Optimization, Compressed Sensing and Image Processing
Dissertation Title: 
Communication-Efficient Algorithms For Distributed Optimization

Current Position: (Dec. 2013 - present) Postdoctoral Researcher at the University College London

Mate Boban 

Mate Boban [Homepage | LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Barros (FEUP) and Ozan Tonguz (CMU)
Research Interests: Wireless Networks
 Dissertation Title: 
Realistic and Efficient Channel Modeling for Vehicular Networks

Current Position: Senior Researcher at Huawei Technologies, Germany 


Ricardo da Silveira Cabral [LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Paulo Costeira (IST/UL), Alexandre Bernardino (IST/UL) and Fernando de la Torre (CMU)
Research Interests:Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Optimization
Dissertation Title:
Unifying Low-rank Models for Visual Learning

Current Position: Research Scientist.

 Sabina Zejnilovic 

Sabina Zejnilovic [LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Pedro Gomes (IST/UL), Bruno Sinopoli (CMU)
Research Interests:
Dissertation Title: 
Localizing a diffusion source on graphs: analysis and design of node selection strategies
Current Position:



Saurabh Shintre [LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Barros (FEUP), Virgil Gligor (CMU)
Research Interests: Information Theory, Security, Communication Theory
Dissertation Title: An Information-theoretic Approach to Side-channel 


/uploadedImages/people/students/Pequito Sergio - Original.jpg 

Sérgio Pequito [Homepage]

Advisors: António Pedro Aguiar (FEUP), Diogo Gomes (IST/UL) and Soummya Kar (CMU)
Research Interests:Design, analysis and optimization of large complex dynamical systems, Structural systems theory, Graph theory and combinatorial optimization
 Dissertation Title: A Structural Approach to Design, Analysis and Optimization of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception) Laboratory, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania

/uploadedImages/people/students/Susana Brandao.jpg 

Susana Dias Brandão [Homepage]

Advisors:João Paulo Costeira (IST/UL) and Manuela Veloso (CMU)
Research Interests:Computer Vision and Decision Problems
Dissertation Title:
Heat Based Descriptors For Multiple 3D View Object Recognition

Vikram Gupta 

Vikram Gupta [Homepage l LinkedIn]

Advisors:Eduardo Tovar (ISEP/IPP) and Raj Rajkumar (CMU)
Research Interests:Wireless Sensor Networks and Real Time Embedded Systems
Dissertation Title:
On the Optimization of Multiple Applications for Sensor Networks

Current Position: (May 2015 - present) Founder and CEO of Awidit Systems  

/uploadedImages/people/students/Vinay Uday Prabhu.jpg 

Vinay Prabhu [Homepage]

Advisors: Miguel Rodrigues (FEUP) and Rohit Negi (CMU)
Research Interests: Estimation Theory, Information Theory, Statistical Signal Processing and Machine Learning
Dissertation Title:
Network Aided Classification and Detection of Data


Ph.D. in Software Engineering


Sven Stork [Homepage | LinkedIn]

Advisors:Paulo Marques (FCTUC), and Jonathan Aldrich (CMU)
Research Interests:Concurrency, Parallel Programming and Programming Languages
Dissertation Title:
AEminium: Freeing Programmers from the Shackles of Sequentiality

Current Position: (Jul. 2014 - present )Postdoctoral Researcher at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Nov. 2012 - Jul. 2014) Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle


Ph.D. in Language Technology

Andre Martins 

André Filipe Torres Martins [Homepage]

Advisors:Mário Figueiredo (IST/UL), Pedro Aguiar (IST/UL), Noah Smith (CMU), and Eric Xing (CMU)
Research Interests:Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Dissertation Title:
The Geometry of Constrained Structured Prediction: Applications to Inference and Learning of Natural Language Syntax

Current Position: Research Scientist at Priberam

Gopala Krishna Anumanchipalli 

Gopala Krishna Anumanchipalli [LinkedIn]

Advisors:Luis Caldas de Oliveira (IST/UL) Alan Blackand (CMU)
Research Interests:Cross-Lingual Voice Transformation
Dissertation Title:
Intra-Lingual and Cross-Lingual Prosody Modelling

Current Position: Postdoctoral research at the Department of Neurological surgery, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)


 /uploadedImages/people/students/João Miranda.jpg 


 João Tiago de Sousa Miranda

Advisors: João Paulo Neto (IST/UL) and Alan Black (CMU) 

Research Interests: Speech Translation (speech recognition, tightening the interface between system components)
Dissertation Title:
Combining Multiple Parallel Streams for Improved Speech Processing  

 Luis Marujo 

Luís Carlos dos Santos Marujo [LinkedIn]

Advisors:João Paulo Neto (IST/UL), David Matos (IST/UL) and Anatole Gershman (CMU), Jaime Carbonell (CMU)
Research Interests: Text Simplification for CALL
Dissertation Title: Event-based Multi-document Summarization

 Wang Ling 2010 2011 

Wang Ling [LinkedIn| Homepage]

Advisors: Isabel Trancoso (IST/UL), Luísa Coheur (IST/UL) and Alan Black (CMU)
Research Interests: Machine Translation, Automatic Speech Recognition
Dissertation Title
: Machine Translation4 Microblogs



Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Rita Goncalves Ferreira 

Rita Gonçalves Ferreira [Homepage]

Advisors:Luísa Mascarenhas (FCT/UL) and Irene Fonseca (CMU)
Research Interests:Continuum Mechanics, Calculus of Variations, Asymptotic Analysis and Homogenization
Dissertation Title:
Spectral and Homogenization Problems

Current Position (since 2015): Research Scientist at the Centre for Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Science and Engineering at KAUST University.
Past Position (2012-2013): Pos-Doctorate at IST/UL, a Visiting Assistant Professor at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL), and a Member of the Centro de Matemática e Aplicações of the FCT/UNL



Robert Simione [LinkedIn|Homepage]

Advisors: Diogo Gomes (IST/UL) and Dejan Slepcev (CMU)
Research Interests: Stochastic Systems and Mathematical Analysis
Dissertation Title:
Properties of Minimizers of Nonlocal Interaction Energy  

Current Position: Head of machine Learning and Data Analyst at Waynaut


Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy

Alexandre Manuel da Fonseca Mateus 

Alexandre Manuel da Fonseca Mateus [Homepage|LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Ferreira (IST/UL) and Jon M. Peha (CMU)
Research Interests: Information and Communication Technology Policy
Dissertation Title:
Copyright Violation on the Internet: Extent and Approaches to Detection and Deterrence

Current Position: Policy Analyst at DG Connect (Communications Networks, Content and Technology), European Commission.
Brandon Mauch 

Brandon Mauch [LinkedIn ]

Advisors: Pedro Carvalho (IST/UL) and Jay Apt (CMU)
Research Interests: Wind Power, Energy Policy and Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Dissertation Title:
Managing Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty in Electric Grids

Current Position: (May 2014 - present) Analyst at CLEAResult
Past Position: (Oct. 2012 - May 2014) Utility Regulator Engineer at Iowa Utilities Board

Colleen Horin 

Colleen Horin [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Carvalho (IST/UL) and Jay Apt (CMU)
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Electrical Networks and Energy Policy Dissertation Title: Integrating Variable Renewables into the Electric Grid: An Evaluation of Challenges and Potential Solutions
Current Position: (Oct. 2014 - present) Director of Market Analtics at AES Energy Storage
Past Position: (Jul. 2013 - Jul. 2014 ) DC Energy in Washington
Ivonne Peña 

Ivonne Astrid Peña Cabra  [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Luís Marcelino Ferreira (IST/UL) and Inês Lima Azevedo (CMU)
Research Interests: Renewable Energy
Dissertation Title: Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of Policy Incentives for Wind Power in Portugal 

Current Position: (Oct. 2014 - present) Business & Analytics at Westeva, Renewable Energy deployment Analysis in Columbia
Masoud Nazari 

Masoud Honarvar Nazari [Homepage|LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Peças Lopes (FEUP) and Marija Illic (CMU)
Research Interests: Distributed Generation and the Policy Aspects of Dynamic Stability of Distribution Networks Aspects of Future Energy Systems
 Dissertation Title:
Making the Most out of Distributed Generation without Endangering Normal Operation: A Model-Based Policy-Technical Approach

Current Position: Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering at California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA
Miguel Matos_new 
2009- 2013

Miguel Godinho de Matos [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Francisco Lima (IST/UL) and Pedro Ferreira (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunications Regulation and Networked Industries
Dissertation Title:
Essays in Telecommunications Policy  

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Católica-Lisbon School and at CMU (September 2013 - present)

Moinul Islam Zaber [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Margarida Catalão (IST/UL) and Marvin Sirbu (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecom Policy
Dissertation Title:
The Influence of InstitutionalStructure on the Regulatory Choices and the Impact of These Choices on theTelecommunication Marketplace in Transition 

Current Position: Research Fellow at LIRNEasia, Sri Lanka (Jan 2014 - present)

 Nathaniel Gilbraith 2012 
Nathaniel Gilbraith [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Carvalho (IST/UL), Inês Azevedo (CMU) and Paula Jaramillo (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Indoor Location Prediction through Modeling of Human Spatiotemporal Behavior / slides
Patrick Agyapong_new 

Patrick Agyapong [IST page]

Advisors: Pedro Ferreira (IST/UL) and Marvin Sirbu (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunications Policy
Dissertation Title:
Economic Incentives in Content-Centric Networking: Implications for Protocol Design and Public Policy 

Current Position: Researcher, Infrastructure Research Group at DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH


Qiwei Han [LinkedIn]

Advisors: João Paulo Costeira (IST/UL) and Pedro Ferreira (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunication and Internet Policy
Dissertation Title: Essays on Consumer Switching and Search Behavior 

Rathapon Saruthirathanaworakun 

Rathapon Saruthirathanaworakun [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Luís Correia (IST/UL) and Jon M. Peha (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunications Policy, Spectrum Management and Spectrum Sharing
 Dissertation Title:
Gray-Space Spectrum Sharing with Cellular Systems and Radars, and Policy Implications
Current Position: Engineering Specialist, True Corporation - True Move

Ryan James Turner [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Rui Marques (IST/UL) and Pedro Ferreira (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunication and Education Policy
 Dissertation Title:
ICT and Peer Effects on Academic Performance in a University Setting: Evidence from Portugal

Current Position: Big Data Architect at Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric, Salt Lake City USA (April 2015-present)



Ph.D. in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship 

 André Regateiro 

André Regateiro [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UL), Lee Branstetter (CMU) and Serguey Braguinsky (CMU)
Research Interests: Social and Decision Sciences
 Dissertation Title:
Three Essays on Portuguese Economic Growth, Firm Formation, and Productivity

Current Position: Economist at Amazon (Feb 2015 - present)

Ana Isabel Venancio 

Ana Isabel Venâncio [Homepage]

Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UL), Steven Klepper (CMU) and Serguey Branguinsky (CMU)
Dissertation Title:
Institution Constraints in the Quest for Growth in the Portuguese Economy
Current Position (since 2011): MBA Associate Director and Assistant Professor at ISEG - School of Economics and Management 
Carla Maria do Rosário Costa 

Carla Costa [LinkedIn l Homepage]

Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UL) and David Hounshell (CMU)
Research Interests: To contribute to to a better understanding of how firm creation propels economic development and to do the characterization of the role that technology-based entrepreneurship plays in this relationship.
 Dissertation Title:
Agglomeration vs Heritage: The Molds and Plastics Industries in Portugal 
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Utrecht Universit, The Netherlands
/uploadedImages/people/students/Carlos Kemeny.jpg 

Carlos Kemeny [LinkedIn]  

Advisors: Francesco Castellaneta (CLBSE) and Francisco Veloso (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Three Studies on Institutional Environment and the Private Equity Continuum: From Early-Stage Venture Capital Investments to Buyouts  

 Current Position: Director, Entrepreneurship Network and Assistant Director, Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Texas System (May 2015-present); Austin, Texas Area, USA and Advisory Council Member at the U.T. Austin Innovation Center (May 2015-present)


Cristina Maria Da Silva Carias [Homepage l LinkedIn]

Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UL) and Steven Klepper (CMU)

Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Industry Agglomeration and Regional Development
Dissertation Title: Worker exit, new firm formation, and effects of quits on the parent firm

Current Position: Modeler/ Economist in the Office of Science and Integrated Programs, at the National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases

Cristobal Cheyre 

Cristóbal Arturo Cheyre Forestier

Advisors: Caterina Moschieri (CLSBE), Steven Klepper (CMU) and Francisco Veloso (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Inventor Mobility, Knowledge Spillovers and Spinoff Entry in the U.S. Semiconductor Industry: Regional Patterns, Determinants, and Learning Implications.
Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University

Leid Zejnilovic  [Homepage l LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Oliveira (CLSBE) and Francisco Veloso (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Essays in User Innovation
Current Position: Research and Operations Officer at Patient Innovation at Católica-Lisbon School
/uploadedImages/people/students/Long Lam.jpg 

Long Lam [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Francisco Veloso (CLSBE) and Lee Branstetter and Inês Azevedo (CMU)
Dissertation Title: Innovation in China’s Renewable Energy Industry 


Mohammad Jahanbakht [LinkedIn]

 Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UL) and Francisco Veloso (CMU)
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
Dissertation Title: The Role of Entrepreneurship in the Development of the African Mobile Telecommunications Industry  

Current Position: Instructor at UMass Boston College of Management and at Suffolk University

Paul van der Boor 

Paul van der Boor [LinkedIn]

Advisors: Pedro Oliveira (CLSBE), Francisco Veloso (CMU) and Steven Klepper (CMU)
Research Interests: Technology Diffusion and Renewable Energies
Dissertation Title: Three Studies on Innovation and Diffusion: Evidence from Mobile Banking in Developing Countries and a User Innovation Survey in Portugal 

Current Position: Junior Associate at McKinsey & Company


 Rodrigo Belo 

Rodrigo Belo [LinkedIn l Homepage]

Advisors: Pedro Ferreira (IST/UL) and Rahul Telang (CMU)
Research Interests: IT and Economics and Technology Adoption
Dissertation Title: Broadband in Schools: Effects on Student Performance and Spillovers for Household Internet Adoption 
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.


CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D. Students 

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