CMU Portugal Program: Op-ed

 Marques dos Santos  Newsletter October - December, 2014

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program as a Role Model

By José Carlos Diogo Marques dos Santos, Former rector of the Universidade do Porto and Member of the Board of Directors of the CMU Portugal Program
For some time now, the main challenges facing society as well as scientific and technological research lie mainly in the interfaces between different areas of knowledge. Mixing different disciplinary and national backgrounds is being associated with increased creativity or disruptive innovation. As a consequence, interdisciplinary work and cooperation between institutions has become essential for the progress of research, institutions and mankind. Certainly, this has been one of the catalysts for the implementation of cooperation programs between Portuguese universities and renowned universities in the United States of America, in particular with Carnegie Mellon University. more
 JGarrett 2014  Newsletter July - September, 2014

Strategic Long-Term Commitment Between Portugal and Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering

By James H. Garrett, Jr., P.E., Dean, Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering sees the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program as an important and strategic partnership that fosters, leverages and strengthens successful collaborations with strong tangible and intangible outcomes in education, research and innovation. We took the first steps to establishing this partnership in 2006, and today are proud of the inspiring work that the program continually produces. more 
Rogério Carapuça 2014 op ed 

Newsletter May / June, 2014

CMU Portugal Program: Engaging the Industry

By Rogério Carapuça, Chairman of Novabase and Member of the Board of Directors of the CMU Portugal Program
Since its early days, the CMU Portugal Program has been looked upon as a tool to create a new model of partnership between academia and industry, across borders and cultures, which could bring important results for students, faculty, entrepreneurs and staff members of already existing companies. Every endeavor such as this one, in order to be successful, has to bring to the table an important value proposition for each and every stakeholder. I believe that this has been the case. more 
João Claro 2014 op ed  Newsletter March / April, 2014

A word from National Director João Claro:

“What can you tell us about Phase III of the CMU Portugal Program?” 

Ed Schlesinger, formerly Head of ECE at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and now Benjamin T. Rome Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, gave us a wonderfully insightful overview of the CMU Portugal Program in the last edition of our newsletter. His comments on the challenges of our day-to-day operations got me thinking about another angle of our day-to-day activities - the opportunities that are out there, and our community of dual degree students that are particularly proactive in tapping and pursuing them. more 
Ed Schlesinger 2013 op ed  Newsletter January/February 2014

CMU Portugal Program: A Model for How International Partnerships Can Work

By Ed Schlesinger, Benjamin T. Rome Dean Whiting School of Engineering Johns Hopkins University Formerly Head of ECE at Carnegie Mellon University 
The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (also known as Information and Communication Technologies Institute - ICTI) was and continues to be a grand international partnership. It has brought together students, faculty, and staff across multiple disciplines at Carnegie Mellon University with their counterparts across Portugal in both academia and industry. more 

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