CMU Portugal in the Media 2015


Scraim Gets €50k Investment from Caixa Capital
[ComputerWorld, Portugal Startups]

Closing Session Showcases Short and Long Term Impact on the Teams
[Buzzmedia, ComputerWorld, Tek Sapo, Vida Económica]

CMU Portugal Alumnus Receives the 2014 IBM Scientific Award
[AULP, Tamron, Sapo Tek, APDC,, Wintech, Correio dos Açores, Açoriano Oriental]


Spinoff of M-ITI selected for funding fromHorizon 2020 SME Instrument"
[Diário de Notícias da Madeira]

 ERI - Augmented Human Assistance (AHA): Portuguese Researchers Aim to Create a 'Personal Trainer'
[Jornal i, TVI 24, Notícias ao Minuto, Sapo, Correio da Manhã]

inRes 2014 - WeTruck: Portuguese Technology That Saves Fuel
[Transportes em Revista]

inRes 2014 – Xhockware: the Supermarket Checkout Register in Your Smartphone
[Dinheiro Vivo Online, Diário de Notícias Online]

inRes 2015 – Portuguese Innovative Projects Immersed in Pittsburgh
[Dinheiro Vivo]

inRes 2014 Startup AddVolt – AddVolt Presents WeTruck on Económico TV
[Económico TV]

inRes 2014 Startup Followprice – The App to Empower Consumers
[Imagens de Marca]

inRes 2015 Startup Sceelix – Pedro Silva e Francisco Andrade Present Sceelix
[Buzzmedia Online]


CMU Portugal PhD Student Distinguished in Milan with First Prize
[Correio dos Açores]

  European Project Turns Porto Into a Living Laboratory With Over 800 Connected Devices
[Sapo Online]

  inRes 2015 - Four Portuguese Tech Companies Explore the U.S. Market
[Económico Online, Correio da Manhã Online, TVI 24 Online, Destak Online, Aicep Portugal Global Online, Leak Online, Visão Online, Ver Portugal Online, OJE Online]

inRes 2015 Startup AdaptTech - Frederico Carpinteiro and Mário Espinoza Present AdaptTech

  inRes 2015 Startup Scraim – Pedro Henriques e César Duarte Present Scraim

inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware – YouBeep: How to Speed Up Your Shopping Experience
[Jornal de Negócios]

inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware: Económico TV Interview with João Rodrigues
[Económico TV]


CMU Portugal Doctoral Student Wins International Award on Image Classification
[Ciência Hoje Online, Jornal de Negócios, Online, Ver Portugal Online]

inRes 2015 – New Portuguese Startups Get Ready For Global Markets
[Público, Público online, Notícias ao Minuto, Aicep Portugal Global]


A Spotlight on AHA Project: Augmented Human Assistance
[Robótica Online]

CMU Portugal Program Launches New Editions for FEP and UIP Programs
[ Online, Diário Económico, Computerworld]

Patient Innovation – The Portuguese Online Platform Where Patients Share Their Innovative Solutions
[Auri Negra Online, Metro Portugal, Jornal Enfermeiro Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, i Online, Jornal Mé Online, Porto Canal Online, RTP Online, Sábado Online, Sapo Online, TVI 24 Online]

The Country’s Future is in New Technologies – RTP 2 Interviews João Claro
[RTP 2 Online]

inRes 2015 - Playsketch: It Brings Your Sketches to Life (As Mobile Games) 
[Canal Superior]


VISUM Summer School Brings Computer Vision Experts to Porto
[BIT Magazine Online, OJE Online, Porto 24 Online, Universidade do Porto Online, Online, Diário Digital Online, Computer World Online] 

CMU Portugal Program Selects Four Teams for the 2015inRes Edition
[Diário de Aveiro, BIT Magazine Online, Jornal da Madeira Online, OJE Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Dinheiro Digital Online, Briefing Online, Ver Portugal Online, Computer World, Wintech Online]

inRes Startup 2014 – FollowPrice: Online Shopping Revolution
[Sol Online, Diário de Notícias, Aicep Portugal Global Online, Dinheiro Vivo Online]

CMU Portugal PhD Graduate Receives the 2014 IBM Scientific Award
[Ministério da Educação e Ciência, Sapo Tek Online, Diário de Notícias, BIT Magazine Online, Boas Notícias Online, Exame Informática Online, Wintech Online, Computer World Online]

Study Confirms Positive Impact of International Partnerships in Portugal
[Oje Online, Diário Digital, Destak, Correio da Manhã Online]

Manuela Veloso Interviewed by Rádio Renascença
 [Rádio Renascença]

1st Patient Innovation Awards Winners Announced
[Patient Innovation]


The 1st Joint Conference and Exhibition of the International Partnerships in Lisbon
[Expresso, Funchal Notícias Online, Computer World Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Observador Online, Diário Digital Online, Rádio 94 FM Online, Sapo Online, Online, Sapo Tek online, Ver Portugal Online, Portugal News Online, Dineiro Digital Online, Destak, Metro Portugal, Portugal Startups Online, Human Resources Portugal Online, Sapo Calendários Online, Diário de Aveiro, TV Ciência]

Dual Degree Master Students Present Their Capstone Projects 

CLSBE is the Best-Ranked Business School in Portugal
[Diário Económico]

CMU Portugal Dual Degree Master Students Present their Final Project
[Funchal Notícias, Jornal da Madeira]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program – Dynamic Ecossystem of Science and Innovation
[Portugal Global]

CMU Portugal PhD Alumn André Regateiro - A Portrait of the Industry in Portugal
[Negócios Online]

inRes Accelerates Towards Internationalization
[Semana Informática]

Universidade da Madeira Celebrates its 27th Anniversary
[Jornal da Madeira, Açoriano Oriental]

Vizzy, the Personal Trainer Robot
[Jornal I Online]


Pedro Amorim: the PhD Degree as Gateway into Teaching
[Público Online]

Veniam:Hitchiking Through the Internet
[Diário Economico]

Maria Arménia Carrondo is the new President of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Mariano Gago: The Portuguese Science Minister with the Longest Tenure
[Jornal de Notícias Online, Açores 9 Online, ACEPI Online, Diário Digital Online, Porto Canal Online, RTP Online, SOL Online, Sapo Online]

CMU Portugal Program Partnership with Caixa Capital Strengthens inRes Offer
[Emprego pelo Mundo Online, Expresso, Ipress Journal Online and Computer World Online, ACEIP Portugal Global Online]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Presents inRes 2015 at Startup Lisboa
[Mais Superior Online, Local Online]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Presents inRes 2015 at IPN
[Notícias de Coimbra]

Sentilant: Portuguese App Helps Users to Drive Better and Save Fuel
[Jornal de Notícias]

inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Program National Director João Claro – Interview at Económico TV
[Económico TV]

inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Program National Director João Claro at RTP

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Presents the 2015 Edition of inRes 
[Computer World, SAPO Tek Online, Briefing, Canal Superior, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Dinheiro Digital, Expresso Online, RTP Online, Sol Online, Visão Online, Destak Online, Correio da Manhã Online, Antena Minho Online,]

CMU Portugal Alumn on Google Indoor Maps Team
[Exame Informática TV]


Económico TV features Followprice and Patient Innovation
[Económico TV]

inRes 2014 Startup Displr: Económico TV Interview with Rui José
[Económico TV]

Startups linked to the CMU Portugal Program Participate at CeBIT2015 

Veniam’Works Set to Expand Citywide WiFi Networks into US Cities
[FCT, Tech Times, I Like This Portugal]

Patient Innovation: Interview with Pedro Oliveira on Económico TV
[Económico TV]

Carnegie Mellon and IBM Launch First Cloud-Based Analytics Partnership for Smarter Buildings
[Carnegie Mellon News, Leak, PC Guia and BIT Magazine]

Failure Is Not Trying. Sometimes Luck Comes Long after the Third Try
[Observador Online]

CMU Portugal Takes Startups to Pennsylvania

inRes 2014 Startup Followprice: Económico tv Interview to Vasco Moreira
[Económico TV]

inRes 2014 Startup DISPLR: Antena 1 Interview to Rui José
[RTP Antena 1]

The Opportunities That Come From America
[I online]


Portugal. The New Design: Reconquer Hope in the Future
[Jornal I, IOnline]

“Perdidos e Achados": The 1980s Predictions for the Future and Where We Are Now
[Jornal da Noite - SIC]

Madeira Regional Government Declares M-ITI a Public Service Institution
[Funchal Notícias, RTP Madeira, Computer World, Diário de Notícias da Madeira, Jornal da Madeira ]

The Science and Technology field is a sound investment
[Diário de Notícias Madeira]

Ricardo Cabral: the Portuguese PhD graduate at the genesis of Google Indoor Maps 
[Exame Informática, Açoriano Oriental, Dinheiro Vivo, Notícias ao Minuto, Jornal de Negócios] 

Patient Innovation: Innovative Medical Solutions

Vasco Pedro – The classic mistakes that led to Unbabel

 Nuno Nunes. The University in Madeira  
[Diário de Notícias]

CMU and Uber Announce Strategic Partnership and Advanced Technologies Center
[TechCrunch, CMU, Uber]

Four Portuguese Technological Startups Participating in the inRes Program


The World’s Temperature and the Rhetoric in Davos (and Portugal)
[Jornal de Negócios]

Marija Ilic talks about Renewable Energy in Portugal
[Público, Público Online, Diário Insular, Correio dos Açores]

inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware: Article written by João Paulo Rodrigues e David Sobrinho 

inRes 2014 Startup Followprice: Followprice Receives Investment from Portugal Ventures
[Computerworld, Exame Informática Online]   

inRes 2014 Startup Displr: Article written by Rui José
Buzzmedia Online]  

inRes 2014 Startup AddVolt: Article written by Ricardo Soares and Bruno Azevedo
[Buzzmedia Online]   

IPO and Garcia de Orta Will Test Robots in Therapy with Children
[Exame Informática Online] 

In 2015 Watch These 10 Startups
[Emprego Pelo Mundo]  

The Dream of the Perfect Translation

Experts Analyze Critical Issues of Aeronautical Development
[Porto Canal Online]

Pedro Oliveira. The Cure Is in Social Networks and Has a Portuguese Name
[Jornal i]

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