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TWEvo - Technological Innovation for Remote Vehicles Selected for inRes 2016
[TVEuropa, Bit Magazine Online, Diário de Leiria]




Growth: What Twelve Portuguese Startups Wish for in 2017

California: The New Economy Hub that Portuguese Startups are Conquering
[Portugal global]

Frederico Carpinteiro Represents Adapttech on RTP3
[RTP 3]

inRes Closing Session - Entrepreneurial Teams Present US Immersion Results
[BitMagazine Online, Sapo Tek Online]


inRes 2016 Team Soft-Bionics won Innostars Awards 
[País Positivo]

Porto Plans to Make the Best of Lisbon’s Web Summit


Startup Challenge: the Eight Finalists Compete for a Spot in the Web Summit 2016
[Observador Online]

BioBoards – Longboards for the Road
[Notícias Magazine]

Playsketch’s App Will Be Released in 2017
[Observador Online]


Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program’s inRes Sends Four Entrepreneurial Teams to the USA
[Exame Informática Online, BIT Magazine Online, Computer World Online, Tribuna da Madeira, InfoFranchising, i9 Magazine, Dinheiro Vivo]

Sceelix’s Procedural Engine is Available on Steam
[Exame Informática, Portugal News, Bit Magazine, VerPortugal, O Jornal Económico Online, StartUp, 80 Level, A 90’s Kid, Gamasutra]

AddVolt Launches WeTruck in Partnership with Luís Simões
[Jornal de Notícias, Notícias ao Minuto, Pós-Venda, Europa Press, Make Me Feed, Ecotícias, Store Magazine, Góndola Digital, Der Standard]


inRes 2016 Has Already Started
[Sapo Tek, Bit Magazine, Computer World, Ver Portugal, Negócios, i9Magazine]

Xhockware Receives 2.5 M€ From Horizon 2020
[Computer World]


AddVolt CEO Interviewed by Specialized Portuguese Magazine
[Auto Profissional]

CMU Portugal inRes Startup Receives Hovione Capital Investment
[Jornal de Negócios]


5.2 M€ Investment in Six Research Initiatives
[RTP, Porto Canal, JN, Exame Informática, Sapo Tek, BIT Magazine, ComputerWorld, Destak, dnotícias, Universidade de Coimbra, Expresso, StartUp Magazine, Emigrante - Mundo Português]


Sceelix Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide
[BIT Magazine, PT Jornal, Notícias Universidade do Porto, Jornalismo Porto Net]

inRes 2016 Edition Applications are Open
[BIT Magazine, Ver Portugal, Briefing, Computer World, Fibra, Notícias Universidade do Porto, Notícias ao Minuto, Dinheiro Digital, Destak, RH online, i9Mgazine, StartUp Magazine, Edit Value]


Xhockware Starts Pilot Projects in Texas and California
[Dinheiro Vivo, BIT Magazine]

Addvolt Present at Mechanics Expo in Portugal
[Velocidades, Metro News, PT jornal, Revista Pós-Venda, O Jogo]


Caixa Empreender Award 2016 - the most relevant event dedicated to startups in Portugal
[Jornal de Negócios, Startup Magazine, Sapo Tek]

Playsketch: “Imagine, Draw and Play"
[Exame Informática]



Scraim Gets €50k Investment from Caixa Capital
[ComputerWorld, Portugal Startups]

Closing Session Showcases Short and Long Term Impact on the Teams
[Buzzmedia, ComputerWorld, Tek Sapo, Vida Económica]


inRes 2014 - WeTruck: Portuguese Technology That Saves Fuel
[Transportes em Revista]

inRes 2014 – Xhockware: the Supermarket Checkout Register in Your Smartphone
[Dinheiro Vivo Online, Diário de Notícias Online]

inRes 2015 – Portuguese Innovative Projects Immersed in Pittsburgh
[Dinheiro Vivo]

inRes 2014 Startup AddVolt – AddVolt Presents WeTruck on Económico TV
[Económico TV]

 inRes 2014 Startup Followprice – The App to Empower Consumers
[Imagens de Marca]

inRes 2015 Startup Sceelix – Pedro Silva e Francisco Andrade Present Sceelix
[Buzzmedia Online]


inRes 2015 - Four Portuguese Tech Companies Explore the U.S. Market
[Económico Online, Correio da Manhã Online, TVI 24 Online, Destak Online, Aicep Portugal Global Online, Leak Online, Visão Online, Ver Portugal Online, OJE Online]

inRes 2015 Startup AdaptTech - Frederico Carpinteiro and Mário Espinoza Present AdaptTech
[Buzzmedia Online]

inRes 2015 Startup Scraim – Pedro Henriques e César Duarte Present Scraim

inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware – YouBeep: How to Speed Up Your Shopping Experience
[Jornal de Negócios]

inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware: Económico TV Interview with João Rodrigues
[Económico TV]


inRes 2015 – New Portuguese Startups Get Ready For Global Markets
[Público, Público online, Notícias ao Minuto, Aicep Portugal Global]


The Country’s Future is in New Technologies – RTP 2 Interviews João Claro
[RTP 2 Online]

inRes 2015 - Playsketch: It Brings Your Sketches to Life (As Mobile Games)
[Canal Superior]


CMU Portugal Program Selects Four Teams for the 2015 inRes Edition
[Diário de Aveiro, BIT Magazine Online, Jornal da Madeira Online, OJE Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Dinheiro Digital Online, Briefing Online, Ver Portugal Online, Computer World, Wintech Online]

 inRes Startup 2014 – FollowPrice: Online Shopping Revolution
[Sol Online, Diário de Notícias, Aicep Portugal Global Online, Dinheiro Vivo Online] 


inRes Accelerates Towards Internationalization
[Semana Informática]


CMU Portugal Program Partnership with Caixa Capital Strengthens inRes Offer
[Emprego pelo Mundo Online, Expresso, Ipress Journal Online and Computer World Online, ACEIP Portugal Global Online]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Presents inRes 2015 at IPN
[Notícias de Coimbra,]

inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Program National Director João Claro – Interview at Económico TV
[Económico TV]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Presents the 2015 Edition of inRes 
[Computer World, SAPO Tek Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Dinheiro Digital, Expresso Online, RTP Online, Sol Online, Visão Online, Destak Online, Correio da Manhã Online, Antena Minho Online,, Notícias ao Minuto] 


CMU Portugal Takes Startups to Pennsylvania

 inRes 2014 Startup Followprice: Económico tv Interview to Vasco Moreira
[Económico TV]

inRes 2014 Startup DISPLR: Antena 1 Interview to Rui José
[RTP Antena 1]


Four Portuguese Technological Startups Participating in the inRes Program


inRes 2014 Startup Xhockware: Article written by João Paulo Rodrigues e David Sobrinho 

inRes 2014 Startup Followprice: Followprice Receives Investment from Portugal Ventures 
[Computerworld, Exame Informática Online]   

inRes 2014 Startup Displr: Article written by Rui José 
Buzzmedia Online]  

inRes 2014 Startup AddVolt: Article written by Ricardo Soares and Bruno Azevedo
[Buzzmedia Online]   




inRes2014 Startup Followprice: Article written by Vasco Borges Moreira
[Buzzmedia Online] 


WeTruck, the Portuguese Business that Conquered Mexico 
[Observador, Dinheiro Vivo, P3, Audiência, Semana Informática]

inRes 2014: Feature on Carnegie Mellon University's homepage about the Portuguese Teams
[Carnegie Mellon University website]

 PT Blue Start Weekly Bulletin 


Portuguese Technology Conquers the USA
[Jornal Açores 9 Online, Notícias ao minuto online, Revista Invest, Ciência Hoje, O Observador online, Briefing online, InfoFranchising online, Canal Superior online, BIT online, Semana Informática]  

The Portuguese Lack the "American” Optimism


Wetruck Allows Savings up to 6,000 Euros Per Year in Fuel
[Velocidade online, Conta Rotações online, Shopping Spirit, Vida Económica] 

All Roads Lead to CMU
[Semana Informática]  

Portuguese Entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania
[Metro, i online, Notícias ao minuto online, Jornal Açores9 online]


Carnegie Mellon Portugal Takes Four Entrepreneurial Teams to the US to Accelerate Their Businesses [Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Weekly Bulletin] 


CMU Portugal Program Takes Entrepreneurs to the US
[Tek, Computerworld, Dinheiro Vivo, Observador, BIT, Semana Informática, Braga TV Online, TV Minho Online]


Carnegie Mellon Portugal Launches Business Acceleration Program
[ComputerWorld, Human Resources Portugal, Exame Informática Online, Portugal News, Dinheiro Vivo, Semana Informática Online, Diário de Aveiro, Expresso, Canal Superior, OJE, TSF, Diário Económico]

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