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2016 Edition        

Immersion in Pittsburgh

inRes 2016 Arrival Pittsburgh
 Helppier Containership Meeting   Smart Insole Meeting UPMC 
Arrival in Pittsburgh
Helppier in Containership meeting Smart Insole meeting at UPMC
All in Surf at Launch CMU   inRes teams at Project Olympus   inRes 2016 Partnership All in Surf SoftBionics 
All in Surf at Launch CMU Teams at Project Olympus All in Surf & SoftBionics collaboration
Helppier NY Tech Week  2016_SmartInsole_meeting   2016_TWEvo and friends 
Helppier at NY Tech Week Smart Insole, meeting with Shoe Shop TWEvo and friends
TWEvo Duquesne Club Palestra  TWEvo at Roots Sport 

Visita ao NREC. Ao lado do CHIMP. Robot para salvamento em ambientes hostis  

TWEvo at Duquesne Club lecture TWEvo at Root Sports With CHIMP, rescue robot, visit to NREC
 CMU Launch 
2016 Teams at Launch CMU

Preparation in Portugal

 2016_Group photo_first workshop   2016_workshop_PT   Workshop INESCTEC  
  First Workshop, group photo
Second Workshop Workshop at INESC TEC


2015 Edition      
Visit to Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley Campus   

 teams 2014 2015  
inRes 2014 and 2015 teams at CMU

 Visit to NASA 

Adapttech presentation  

 Plug N Play  

Visit to NASA Adapttech presentation inRes 2015 teams at Plug 'N' Play
Immersion in Pittsburgh      
Sceelix Workshop 

 Scraim Workshop 

 Playsketch Maker Faire 
Sceelix Workshop Scraim Workshop Playsketch at Maker Faire 
50 Tech Awards   Monday Seminar  Project Olympus 
50 Tech Awards Monday Seminar Project Olympus 
Training in Portugal      
[l-r] Sara Brandão (CMU Portugal); César Duarte (Scraim); Pedro Henriques (Scraim); Mario Espinoza (Adapttech); Frederico Carpinteiro (Adapttech); Pedro Santa (Playsketch); Tara Branstad (Associate Director, Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation - CTTEC - CMU); Luís Pereira (Playsketch); Francisco Andrade (Sceelix); Pedro Silva (Sceelix); Alípio Torre (CMU Portugal); João Claro (National Director CMU Portugal); Lori Spears (Associate Director, ICTI, at CMU)

first presentations  

 Second workshop in Portugal 

Meetings with David  

First presentations of the workshops Second workshop in Portugal Meetings at Porto Business School with Dave Mawhinney

 With David 
With Dave Mawhinney
2014 Edition         
Immersion in Pittsburgh      
  2014 inRes Teams in Pittsburgh   2014 inRes Immersion in the US at Project Olympus 2   DISPLR_2 
inRes Teams Arrival to Pittsburgh Airport inRes Teams Working at Project Olympus inRes Teams at Launch CMU
inRes Teams in Pittsburgh    2014 inRes Immersion in the US at Tech 50 Awards  followprice 2 
Followprice and AddVolt Teams in Pittsburgh inRes Teams at the Tech Stars Event inRes Teams at Launch CMU
 2014 Xhockware at Three Venture Fair   2014 inRes Teams at the CMU Campus  2014 inRes Immersion in the US addvolt wetruck 
Xhockware at the Three Rivers Venture Fair (Pittsburgh) inRes Teams at the CMU Campus inRes Teams at Launch CMU
Training in Portugal   
 2014 inRes 1st Workshop  
[l-r] João Rodrigues (Xhockware); Gonçalo Mendes (Followprice); David Sobrinho (Xhockware); Rui José (Displr); Miguel Corais (Displr); Vasco Moreira (Followprice); Sara Brandão (CMU Portugal); João Claro (CMU Portugal); Alexandra C. Vieira (CMU Portugal); Bruno Azevedo (AddVolt); Ricardo Soares (AddVolt)
2014 inRes 1st Workshop 3  2014 inRes 3rd Workshop c  inRes2014 3rd Workshop 
Workshop at IST-UL Workshop with Dave Mawhinney at IST-UL Meeting with Rogério Carapuça, Dave Mawhinney and João Claro
 2014 inRes 2nd Workshop     
Meeting with João Claro at INESC TEC