CMU Portugal Program in the Media 2016

December 2016

Growth: What Twelve Portuguese Startups Wish for in 2017
[Observador] - The Portuguese Security Probe for App Safety

California: The New Economy Hub that Portuguese Startups are Conquering

Susana Sargento - Breakthrough Idea Puts the Internet of Things in Motion 
[Diário de Aveiro]

M-ITI Will Host SMart IsLands Energy Systems under Horizons 2020 
[Funchal Notícias Online]

Portuguese Business Schools Plan to Reach the Financial Times Top 10  
[Jornal Económico Online]

Manuela Veloso: “AI is a wake-up call to Humanity”
[Observador Online]

Susana Sargento Talks About S2MovingCity Project on Antena 1
[RTP Play]

Frederico Carpinteiro Represents Adapttech on RTP3
[RTP 3]

inRes Closing Session - Entrepreneurial Teams Present US Immersion Results
[BitMagazine Online, Sapo Tek Online]

 November 2016

inRes 2016 Team Soft-Bionics won Innostars Awards 
[País Positivo]

AIR Center will build Atlantic Spaceport in Azores
[Expresso, aicep Portugal Global Online]

CMU Portugal is Making the Portuguese Science and Innovation More Competitive
[Público Online]

Manuela Veloso and ‘Symbiotic Autonomy’: Humanity and AI will be Inseparable
[ComputerWorld Online]

CMU Portugal Program opens Dual Degree Ph.D. Calls
[Sapo Tek Online, Universidade de Aveiro – Jornal Online, RepairStore Blog, RH Online, P3 Online, O Jornal Económico, Expresso Emprego Online, Notícias UPorto, Mundo Português]

Patient Innovation at Lisbon’s Web Summit 2016
[Dinheiro Vivo, Observador, StartUp Magazine]

Porto Plans to Make the Best of Lisbon’s Web Summit

 October 2016

CMU Portugal Program drove the creation of over 200 jobs
[Ver Portugal Online, Sapo Tek Online, Portugal News Online, DN Notícias Online, NetMadeira, JM Madeira, ComputerWorld, Diário de Aveiro]

Do you want to do research across the Atlantic?
[Canal Superior Online, Destak Online, Público – P3 Online, Mais Superior Online]

CMU Portugal Takes Faculty and Students to the United States
[Sapo Tek Online, Bit Magazine Online, Exame Informática Online, Destak, Notícias UPorto]

Startup Challenge: the Eight Finalists Compete for a Spot in the Web Summit 2016
[Observador Online]

Táxi-Link: Modernizing Taxis in Portugal
[Observador Online, TVI24]

BioBoards – Longboards for the Road
[Notícias Magazine]

Madeira’s Regional President Visits USA and Talks of Weekly Charter
[Diário de Notícias Madeira]

CMU Portugal Program Represented at European Researchers Night 2016
[Sic Notícias, RTP 1]

Playsketch’s App Will Be Released in 2017
[Observador Online]

September 2016

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program’s inRes Sends Four Entrepreneurial Teams to the USA
[Exame Informática Online, BIT Magazine Online, Computer World Online, Tribuna da Madeira, InfoFranchising, i9 Magazine, Dinheiro Vivo, RTP Notícias Online]

Sceelix’s Procedural Engine is Available on Steam
[Exame Informática, Portugal News, Bit Magazine, VerPortugal, O Jornal Económico Online, StartUp, 80 Level, A 90’s Kid, Gamasutra]

CMU Portugal PhD Student Publishes Paper on 3D Printing on Nature Materials
[Exame Informática Online]

AddVolt Launches WeTruck in Partnership with Luís Simões
[Jornal de Notícias, Notícias ao Minuto, Pós-Venda, Europa Press, Make Me Feed, Ecotícias, Store Magazine, Góndola Digital, Der Standard, Renováveis Magazine]

Veniam’s CEO is Interviewed by Forbes Portugal
[Forbes Portugal]

Profiting with Purpose

July 2016

Patient Innovation: “Each Patient or Caregiver is a Potential Innovator”
[Impulso Positivo]

inRes 2016 Has Already Started
[Sapo Tek, Bit Magazine, Computer World, Ver Portugal, Negócios, i9Magazine]

Xhockware Receives 2.5 M€ From Horizon 2020
[Computer World]

Patient Innovation is the Only Portuguese Project Taking Part of ‘Beyond the Lab’
[Rádio Renascença]

“The scientific community is getting stronger”

June 2016

Portugal and USA Study the Creation of a Spaceport at Lajes Airport
[Expresso, Expresso online, Público, I love Azores, My Top FM, Açoriano Oriental, O Baluarte de Santa Maria, Diário Insular, Tech ITT, Correio dos Açores, Diário de Notícias, Diário de Notícias Online]

AddVolt CEO Interviewed by Specialized Portuguese Magazine
[Auto Profissional]

CMU Portugal inRes Startup Receives Hovione Capital Investment
[Jornal de Negócios]

INSIDE: A Robot in the Hospital
[Exame Informática]

May 2016

Calls for Faculty Exchange Program and Undergraduate Internship Program are open
[ Universidade de Aveiro, Bit Magazine, Diário de Notícias da Madeira, ComputerWorld, Destak, Expresso, i9Magazine]

5.2 M€ Investment in Six Research Initiatives
[RTP, Porto Canal, JN, Exame Informática, Sapo Tek, BIT Magazine, Computer World, Destak, dnotícias, Universidade de Coimbra, Expresso, StartUp Magazine, Emigrante - Mundo Português]

4 Personalities connected to CMU Portugal mentioned as the most brilliant minds of the last 20 years
[Exame Informática]

April 2016

Sceelix Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide
[BIT Magazine, PT Jornal, Notícias Universidade do Porto, Jornalismo Porto Net]

Patient Innovation – Online Platform Where Patients Share Their Innovative Solutions
[Tempo Medicina Online]

inRes 2016 Edition Applications are Open
[BIT Magazine, Ver Portugal, Briefing, Computer World, Fibra, Notícias Universidade do Porto, Notícias ao Minuto, Dinheiro Digital, Destak, RH online, i9Mgazine, StartUp Magazine, Edit Value]

Veniam already has 42 patents

March 2016

Xhockware Starts Pilot Projects in Texas and California
[Dinheiro Vivo, BIT Magazine]

 CMU Portugal PI Awarded with EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016
[Diário Digital, Correio da Beira Serra, Rádio Terra Nova, Universidade de Aveiro online, Aurinegra, Diário de Aveiro, Máxima, Região de Águeda, Portal da Liderança, Exame Informática, Rádio Voz da Ria, Ver Portugal, Oje, PORT.COM,, Fórum Estudante, i9 Magazine, Diário Económico, Emigrante - Mundo Português, Económico, Boas Notícias]

Addvolt Present at Mechanics Expo in Portugal
[Velocidades, Metro News, PT jornal, Revista Pós-Venda, O Jogo]

 February 2016

Veniam Gets $22 Million Investment
[Expresso, Observador, Oje, Notícias de Aveiro, Shifter,, StartUp Magazine]

 January 2016

Caixa Empreender Award 2016 - the most relevant event dedicated to startups in Portugal
[Jornal de Negócios, Startup Magazine, Sapo Tek]

 CMU Portugal Opens Applications for the Undergraduate Internships Program
[Bit Magazine, Ver Portugal, Correio da Manhã, Sapo Tek, Leak, Canal Superior]  

Playsketch: “Imagine, Draw and Play”
[Exame Informática]

Susana Sargento is one of the finalists of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016
[Terra Nova, Universidade de Aveiro online, Ver Portugal, wintech, Vida Económica, Frontline]