ICTI in the Media, 2009

December, 2009

Faculty Exchange Program between Portugal and USA

New Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute starts in January 2010

Capstone Project Presentation in Madeira

November, 2009

Have more technology to lower costs in Health

MIT-Portugal launches a network of stem cell research

MIT President visits Portugal

Professional Master in Human-Computer Interaction

Carnegie Mellon prepares social and financial network

United States is the most desired destination in the atlas of the mobility of the students

Qualified Entrepreneurship in prominence

Valuing Knowledge stimulates economic development of the country

Voice in the matter - Nuno Rodrigues

International Workshop on Technology Transfer

Carnegie Mellon University discusses technology in Portugal

Babies, spiders and snakes don't mix

Enterprises must treat Insider risk as they do external threats

UMa Student wins competition

Major business development in Europe provides advice to Portugal

CMU|Portugal doubles the number of students

Upcoming event: UTEN Workshop

University wants to attract students to master’s degree

Workshop "Experiencing Technology Transfer: collaborating with Carnegie Mellon

First Woman Nobel Prize winner in Economics

October, 2009

“Portugal is acquiring a culture of innovation”, interview to João Barros, National Director of the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Program

Technology plan - 4 years later

Conference leverages tourism

Good partnership between University of Madeira and Carnegie Mellon University

IPN receives Carnegie Mellon workshop

Service Design brings experts to Madeira

Madeira hosts second meeting of the International Association of 'Service Design Network'

Professors rise concerns to government

Experts from Carnegie Mellon University in Coimbra

GPS system gives the advantage for cars to 'talk' to each other

Electric cars: Brand new, but the paint is already coming off

What is the Real Cost of Power Production?

When markets do not work

Priberam Informática celebrates 20 years

Óbidos is chosen to be the research platform for MIT Portugal

2009 Packard Fellowships in Science and Engineering Awarded

CMU professor recognized for making things miss

CChina Computer Science Vision 2020 Opens

Losing America's Secret Weapon

Presidential edition No 4: President Cohon shares an opinion piece, “The Role of the Research University In Pittsburgh’s Renaissance.”

Carnegie Mellon's Pradeep Khosla receives Academic Excellence Award

Carnegie Mellon-Portugal Partnership in a positive note

OutSystems is partnering with the New University of Lisbon

Williamson wins Nobel for study of transaction costs

Robot with total Autonomy

Education Expert Offers Glimpse Into Future of America's Education System

Carnegie Mellon University beginnings lead to Nobel for Williamson

IEEE International Microwave Workshop Series on RF Frontends for Software Defined and Cognitive Radio Solutions

Carnegie Mellon wants to remain in Portugal

Theater to host piano recital

Carnegie Mellon University to display professor's Nobel Medal

Over 2000 IITians to attend PanIIT

Bill Clinton to Address IITians At PAN IIT Meet in Chicago

September, 2009

Jon Peha, Chief Technologist, FCC, on the National Broadband Plan

The G20 through beer goggles


Partnership with Carnegie Mellon University is well accepted

Carnegie Mellon Portugal program gives positive assessment to Portugal

CMU in the week of september 21 to 25

World leaders address groups at Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University

Backgrounder: Major topics of G20 Pittsburgh Summit

Scenes from G-20 Summit week

Carnegie Mellon Portugal program gives positive assessment to Portugal

A city which is an example to follow for Barack Obama

Bill Gates to open new Pittsburgh computer center

Gates helps dedicate new CMU centers

Newsmaker: M. Granger Morgan

Biofuels threaten to destroy the Gulf of Mexico

Coal conference on the fringes of G20 summit

Pittsburgh Stars at the G20

National and international recognition is here

Coal Front

Can You Trust Crowd Wisdom?

Children have evidence of depression and anxiety

Changes in the universities were well accepted

Pradeep K. Khosla received Lifetime Achievement Award

Projecto "SINAIS"

Pitt's World Summit of Fossil Fuel Researchers, Environmental Policy Experts Focused on More Efficient, Responsible Use of Coal

World's top financial chiefs meet in London to set agenda

Girls 'born with fear of spiders'

New Doctoral program in Privacy and Security

National report finds many can't afford to join digital community

August, 2009

Website helps to discover  the day of one's death

Lessons from the most prestigious American universities free on Youtube

The 'online' is not as environmentally friendly as it claims

André Martins

Carnegie Mellon shows solution for touch screens

SScience: New method detects genetic causes of complex diseases such as diabetes, asthma and cancer

Bill Gates is offering a new Computer Center

July, 2009

New Interactive Techologies Institute Kicks off in Madeira

Colab Mathematics Summer School and Workshop 2009

Summer Academy for CarnegieMellon|Portugal students and industrial partners

June, 2009

Annual Conference and Research Workshop

April, 2009

CMU to host experts on computer security

Carnegie Mellon University|Portugal Program partners with the University of Texas at Austin for the 2009 Colab Mathematics Summer School and Workshop

Intelligent Work

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Save the Environment and your Wallet

2009 Recipient of the International Stevens Award Larry Constantine, Scientist and Professor will give the 16th Stevens Lecture on Software Development Methods - April 21, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah

March, 2009

Portugal must be competitive in the technological area operator

Portugal deve ser operador competitivo na área tecnológica 

Disadvantaged areas and science education forward in the new communications networks

All angles

Informal Meeting on the Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Research Projects ... Read more (pdf)

Portugal wins world prize to robotic soccer

The Inaugural ICTI Diploma Ceremony scheduled for March 21, 2009 has been postponed

Portugal recruit talent from Brazil to China

The international alliance

Future shock: The PC of 2019

That large skull

Doctoral Program in Computer Science series (MAP-i) with open nominations

New Office in Madeira

Carnegie Mellon's Manuela Veloso Wins - Autonomous Agents Research Award

Carnegie Mellon's Marija Ilic Heads Electric Energy Systems Group Dedicated To Improving the Nation's Aging Power Grid

University of Porto Faculty Visit ICTI @ Carnegie

João Barros takes lead CMU|Portugal

Embassy - U.S. scientist calls for comment on American The new science of President Obama during the Gala's Science 'Larry LeRoy Constantine was awarded the' Stevens Award

A convenient truth

February, 2009

He started the RoboParty in 2009 with about 500 participants

The secret of Detroit and Silicon Valley

They participate in the Festival RoboParty 107 school teams

Interview with Prof. Paulo Rupino da Cunha, University of Coimbra

Yes, there is still UMIC

You Can Now Use Location-Tracking Tools to Track Down Your TA's — Should You?

PT supports Academy of Sciences of Mozambique with IT hardware

Meeting for clarification on the new edition of the Master of Science in Information Networking

UA hosts information sessions on opportunities for students

IBM continues research into Cloud Computing and helps solve problems in the world

Watch this Tuesday in the 3810 AU RTP2

From the World to Madeira

Disadvantaged areas and science education forward in the new communications networks

Bet on innovation and new technologies

Professor José M. F. Moura is the recipient of The Philip L. Dowd Fellowship Award

Projects in Tecnopolo, three projects have already entered into the development phase and will cost 1.7 million

"Communication" - Lecture with Professor Dan Boyarski

'Smart' buildings, structures may save billion

Carnegie Mellon develops Unmanned Air Vehicle

Remote truck

Novabase includes 90 recent graduates

January, 2009

UA and Carnegie Mellon promote joint Masters

US Roads, Water and Basic Systems Earn 'D' Grade

Agreement of Cooperation Lajes earns only to Lisbon: Azores remain outside the compensation

Agreement of Lajes earns much cooperation

Vehicle for air rescue

Carnegie Mellon develops Unmanned Air Vehicle

Carnegie Mellon develops Unmanned Air Vehicle

Training in international technology transfer

Concepts of design are present in all areas

Robots on the way to humanoid

Bilateral Training Opportunities in the United States and Portugal

There are many things that go beyond economic issues

Final Project of UMA students includes next version of "MEO"

Welcome Back! ICTI Open House 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Benefits of sleeping well

Talent versus Success

Sleeping less than 7 hours increases chances of being constipated

"Campus" - Interview with Frank Pfenning, director of Carnegie Mellon University

Robots ... at home, in finance, in energy and mining

Academic classes begin at Carnegie Mellon

PhD Technological Change and Entrepreneurship - Workshop

Magic Wand

American researcher discusses partnerships in the area of Technology for Education

Innovation for the quality

Physics and Researcher Gustavo Castelo-Branco receives the Seed of Science

A corporate strategy for dealing with the climate crisis